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showroom hours: monday – thursday, 9am - 5pm, friday 9am – 6pm & saturday 9am - 2pm
warehouse hours: monday - thursday 9am - 5pm, friday 9am – 6pm, saturday 9am – 2pm & sunday 9am – 1pm
America's Party Rental features affordable party rentals for wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, corporate or any other special event for the major North Hightland, Placer, El Dorado County area.
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frequently asked questions
Where are you located?
We are centrally located just north of Watt and 80 at 3313 Orange Grove Avenue, North Highlands, CA 95660. You can click on the address at the top of your screen to get a map and directions. We have MOVED and now located ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK of the warehouse complex.
What are your hours?
Our office/showroom hours are Monday through Thursday, 9AM - 5PM, 9AM - 6PM Friday closed Saturday & Sunday
Warehouse hours are 9AM - 5PM Monday through Thursday, 9AM - 6PM Friday, 9AM-2PM SaturdayClosed on Sunday. We are closed on major holidays.
Are you a franchise?
No. We’re one of a kind. America's Party Rental is locally owned and operated by Brian Puleo and has been growing rapidly since 2005.
Do you deliver? What are the costs?
Yes, we deliver anywhere in the greater Sacramento area. There is a minimum order amount required for delivery - call for details. Delivery rate increases depend on your delivery zip code. All delivery fees include pickup as well. Delivery outside the Sacramento area is offered however delivery fees will increase according to distance traveled. Deliveries are scheduled between the hours of 9AM and 6PM Monday- Friday. Delivery times are approximate and it is possible to receive your order before or after our typical 9AM to 6PM delivery window. Variables beyond our control such as traffic, equipment tear downs and other unforseen issues can delay your delivery. Paying additional fees guarantees your order will be delivered as close to the contractual time as possible but may not be delivered at the actual time stated on the contract. It is not necessary to be present for your delivery or pickup. Make sure you mention if you won't be present so we can get any details necessary to secure the items. Please see our DELIVERY ZONE MAP to see which zone your event is located in.
Early/Late & Weekend Delivery Fees: There is a one time additional "weekend" fee of $150 that allows you to set up a delivery and pickup time to meet the needs of your event. Any delivery or pickup Monday through Friday that requires delivery outside of our normal 9-6 business hours is charged an additional $75 fee.
DELIVERY/PICKUP DELAY IMPACT FEES: It is not necessary to be home for your rental equipment items to be delivered or picked up. If you have a gate code, pad lock on your side gate, business hours that you may be closed, or other circumstance that would hinder our ability to deliver or pick your items up, it is imperative you notify our office staff well in advance. We can charge a fee of $1.00 (One Dollar) per minute for waiting unnecessarily to deliver and we charge one additional delivery fee per occurence where we must return to deliver or pick the items up from your location if such an inconvenience occurs. If the delay creates a circumstance where the items are needed for another event and are not made avaialable to that customer due to your lack of planning, then we will charge you TEN TIMES the rental rate for each item that is made unavailable.
Where will you leave the equipment?
We will deliver and pick up all our equipment from one location on the property. Please make us aware prior to delivery if our drivers will encounter any stairs, extended carrying, difficult driving terrain, or anything else that may affect the time frame or number of delivery personnel we send.
Will you set up the equipment?
Set up is automatically included when renting dance floors, staging, tents or technical equipment. For an additional fee, our delivery staff can also set up your tables and chairs. It will remain your responsibility to "tear down" the equipment and place it in one area of your property or an additional fee will be applied.

Can I pick my items up?
Yes you can and we're here to assist you. Ask about our 15% off will-call discount! Our will call hours are between the hours of 9AM and 5PM Monday - Thursday, 9AM - 6PM Friday and 9AM - 2PM Saturday.
Is there a minimum order?
There is a minimum order if you choose delivery and are in the "GREEN ZONE" - call for details. If you are outside of the "GREEN ZONE" and need your items delivered, a minimum order of $500 is required not including delivery fees. Unfortunately due to the rising cost of fuel and to ensure timely delivery to all of our customers, we must enforce this policy.
How long is your rental period?
A typical rental period is 3 calendar days. However, due to unique situations we typically say for the “duration of your event.” What this means is that you may be able to keep your rentals for a longer period of time without an additional fee depending on the items rented and your unique circumstances. For example, if you pick an item up on Thursday, since we are closed Sunday, you get a free day so your items may be returned the following Monday. Any will call items returned after a regular 72 hour period will be assessed a 25% late fee on their total order. So for example, if your order totals $100 and you are late one day, then your assessed late fee is $25. 2 days late and your fee is $50, etc. etc.. The only way to eliminate the possibility of late fees is to bring your items back on time.
Do you accept credit cards?
You bet. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept cash and personal checks.
How do I make a reservation?
You can call our North Highlands office at (916) 339-3544 or place an order online by requesting a quote through our web shopping portal. Once your order is placed and confirmed, a credit card and signed contract is necessary to secure your reservation, even if you plan on paying by cash or personal check.
How large of an event can you handle?
America's Party Rental is equipped to handle any size event from 2 - 2000. We'd be happy to discuss options if your event is larger.
Do my items need to be returned clean?
We expect you to care for your rental items while they're in your posession. Returning them in the same condition as you received them is not only excpected, you will be charged an additional fee if we have to clean soiled or damaged items. When it comes to dishware however, we will wash all items once they’ve been returned to our warehouse. We do ask that you scrape or lightly rinse all dishes, glassware, chargers, etc., and that you send our equipment back to us in the containers we provide at delivery. Linen must be returned free of confetti and other loose items or an additional fee will be applied. All linens that have candle wax or non-removable stains such as wine, will be charged full replacement cost.
How does your stemware, china and flatware compare to the rest?
All of our stemware, china, flatware and other food related products go through a five point inspection and cleaning process.
  • First, the product is inspected for any damage and removed from our inventory if found to be unacceptable.
  • Second the product is pre-soaked, rinsed or pre-washed to ensure the best results after washing.
  • Third, the product is washed in an enzyme and sanitation cycle so that all remaining food particles are completely removed from the product.
  • Fourth, we hand polish and re-inspect all stemware, glassware and fine china so that we know every item exceeds your expectations.
  • Fifth and last, the product is packaged and stored air tight so that when our product goes out for delivery, we know it will be as clean and in as excellent condition as the day it was packaged and stored.
These five steps towards quality assurance, sanitization and cleanliness is not simply a rule, it's our promise to you to deliver the cleanest, safest and most beautiful product so your event will shine.
What if I need something you don't show on your website?
Give us a call and ask. We may have the item(s) but not posted yet, or we may be willing to either acquire or subrent the item(s) for you.
Do you offer non-profit or school discounts?
Absolutely. In addition to our already low prices, we offer an additional discount on many items for qualified non-profit organizations, schools and Government entities. Give us a call at (916) 339-3544 to learn more.
What is the Trinity Program?
Brian Puleo, the owner of America's Party Rental is Christian and believe that his faith plays as important of a role in his personal life as it does in business. He also feels that our local churches, regardless of denomination, need as much support as possible, especially in a difficult economic climate where charitable giving is lackluster at best. The program offers these organizations a generous discount, free delivery on all orders over $200 and specially trained staff who are familiar with the program details. If you're affiliated with a church and are planning an event, please give us a call at (916) 339-3544 to place an order.
Do you rent bounce houses?
No. We are an event rental company and specialize in events for non profit organizations, corporate events and private events.
Are you currently hiring?
We're always looking for qualified individuals to apply for employment. America's Party Rental is an equal opportunity employer and we pride ourselves in only hiring the absolute best candidates for the position being offered. We believe that our employees are the main reason for our continued growth and success and know how important it is to make sure the workplace environment is fun and productive. Our customers appreciate our efforts to ensure that our employees are happy and only provide the best customer service.
Are you affiliated with any professional organizations?
Naturally. America's Party Rental is an active member of the Association for Wedding Planners, International and the California Rental Association. We are also members of the Roseville, Lincoln and West Sacramento Chambers of Commerce.
What is a damage waiver fee?
A damage waiver is NOT an insurance policy. It does not cover the expense of loss, breakage or damage beyond normal "wear and tear." It does not protect you or excuse you from caring for or returning all of your rented items as described in the Rental Agreement. The damage waiver is a required fee paid by all renters to cover the costs of regular wear and tear on certain items caused by your use. Scratches, dents, dings, chips and other forms of wear gradually decrease the value, appearance and appeal of the equipment which must eventually be replaced. The damage waiver allows America's Party Rental to overlook slight blemishes which occur on every rental regardless of what type of product so that we can maintain inventory that is attractive, clean and in good repair. The fee is nominal and allows America's Party Rental to offer greater customer service and satisfaction for you and for our future customers.
I have more questions.
Fire away! Give us a call at (916) 339-3544 or click on "Live Chat" at the top of the screen when available or click on "Contact Us" at the top of your screen. We'd be happy to answer all of your questions.

From Interstate 80 or Business 80, Exit Watt Avenue and go NORTH. The first stoplight you will come to is Orange Grove Avenue. There is a gas station and a Firestone on each corner. Turn LEFT on Orange Grove and follow it down for about 1/2 mile. America's Party Rental will be located on the right side of the street ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK of the complex. Our address is: 3313 Orange Grove Avenue, North Highlands, CA 95660. You may contact our office at (916) 339-3544.

If you are picking up your items instead of having them delivered to your location, please thoroughly read the instructions on how to go about getting your items quickly and easily.

Pick-ups at our NORTH HIGHLANDS location are available Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 5PM, Friday from 9AM to 6PM, and Saturday from 9AM-2PM.


1. Will call orders MUST be picked up and returned in its ENTIRETY - NO SPLITTING ORDERS.
2. An APPROPRIATE vehicle such as a large U-Haul type box van or other cargo vehicle or trailer must be used for larger orders. You MUST use heavy duty straps to secure the rental equipment. Straps are available for $20 in the front office.
3. Will Call orders MUST be returned within 72 hours of original pick up date or you will be charged a late fee of 25% of the total order per late day.
4. 15% Discount may NOT be applied to any other discounts or offers.
5. If you require your items to be picked up do to your inability to return the items in a timely manner, your 15% discount will be void and you will be charged FULL RETAIL price of the rental items PLUS a FULL delivery fee to pick the items up.


1. Go to the front office first to pay for your items and receive a "will call" paper copy to give to the warehouse staff in the back of the building.
2. Drive your vehicle to the back of the building and back in to an open space in front of the warehouse door and position your vehicle for easy loading/unloading.
3. If there is no attendant in the back, press the "will call" button located next to the work bench.
4. Hand your paperwork to the attendant.
5. Double count all of your items as they are loaded. We do our best to make sure your itmes are loaded accurately and OUR COUNT IS FINAL. This means if you come back short any items, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE.

The attendant will gladly load all of your items for you. Please be sure to bring a vehicle that is large enough and capable of safely transporting all of the items on your order. Americas Party Rental DOES NOT provide straps or rope and WILL NOT tie down or secure your items for you. YOU are responsible for securing your items after they have been loaded by our staff. Also, please remember that we do our best to make sure your vehicle does not get scratched or cause any damage to your upholstery. If you are concerned about damage, you are more than welcome to load the items yourself in a manner that is satisfactory to your needs.


Monday 9-5PM in the office and warehouse.
Tuesday 9-5PM in the office and warehouse.
Wednesday 9-5PM in the office and warehouse.
Thursday 9-5PM in the office and warehouse.
Friday 9-6PM in the office and warehouse.
Saturday 9-2PM in the office and warehouse.
Sunday Closed.
It is not necessary to come to the front office to return your items. You, or an individual you have chosen, may return the items to the back of the building in the same manner as they were picked up. Our staff has a copy of your paperwork so all the person returning your items needs is the name who the order was placed under.

Please make sure that you have counted all of your items and that they have been placed and returned in the original packaging they that were furnished in.

north highlands
call 916.339.3544
3313 Orange Grove Ave., North Highlands, CA 95660 (Map It!)
showroom hours: monday – thursday, 9am - 5pm, friday 9am – 6pm & saturday 9am - 2pm
warehouse hours: monday - thursday 9am - 5pm, friday 9am – 6pm, saturday 9am – 2pm & sunday 9am – 1pm
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