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America's Party Rental features affordable party rentals for wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, corporate or any other special event for the major North Hightland, Placer, El Dorado County area.
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Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

A two-week notice is recommended in order to guarantee availability
of any rental equipment.

The charge for delivery is based on your zip code. The delivery is to the site
and pick-up from the site. Delivery charge may be higher for some locations.
Deliveries made to ground level only, therefore please make your delivery
arrangements explicit, as there may be extra charges if stairs or long distance
carrying is involved. Set up is available for an additional 25% fee based on
the total invoice price; teardown is not included in this fee. If rental items
are not broken down the way they were delivered a 25% breakdown fee will apply.

Individuals wishing to rent equipment are required to submit a minimum of a
50% security deposit (cash, check or credit card) and may be asked to provide
current, valid driver's license or state identification card.
A valid
credit card will be required on file to secure the order as well as during the
rental period.

All rentals are to be prepaid, or Cash on Delivery unless a charge account has
been previously established. Open account customers in good standing may submit
a signed purchase order in lieu of a security deposit.

A signed contract, or lack thereof, DOES NOT relieve you from personal,
financial responsibility and obligation of payment for your reservation. It is
implied that if a reservation is placed and a credit card number has been
provided for securing the reservation with intent to take delivery of the
goods, that you fully intend to take delivery of the goods. Only upon
cancellation, which all cancellation terms of this agreement apply, may you
relieve yourself of the financial obligation and responsibility to pay in full;
unless your cancellation does not meet the requirements set forth in this
agreement by which 100% of the payment shall apply. Such fees include but are
not limited to: rental equipment fees, delivery fees, set-up fees, labor fees,
damage waiver fees and any other fee associated with the special circumstances
of your reservation. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE and it is YOUR responsibility to
know with whom and the date and circumstances regarding your event. Double
booking, the absence of a signed contract with America's Party Rental or any
other circumstance within YOUR control holds you fully responsible to these

Some of the equipment we rent requires training prior to its use. We suggest
that the person(s) designated to operate such equipment get a lesson in
operation from us prior to the event. We will not be responsible for machines
that do not work properly if no lesson was given prior to use or if the
individual responsible for operating and maintaining the machine is present at
the time of delivery.

You will be responsible for the equipment from the time the equipment is
delivered and set up to the time it is picked up. Please make sure the
equipment is secured when not in use and protected from wind and water hazards
such as inclement weather, outdoor sprinklers, pools, pets or wet or damp
surfaces. You will be charged up to full replacement cost for any damaged or
missing items. You will be charged a $50 - $150 cleaning fee if the equipment
is returned dirty. If we are forced to take legal action to recover our
equipment, you agree to pay for any and all legal fees. Additionally, we retain
the right to charge for loss of use for the time the equipment is not in our

CANCELLATIONS: Due to the high demand for equipment, it is necessary for
us to have reservations guaranteed in advance in the form of a security
deposit. You may cancel any time up to 30 days prior to the delivery or will call date of
your rental equipment with no cancellation fee and expect a full refund on any
deposit. If you cancel 14 days prior to your delivery date or will call you will be
charged 50% of your total rental equipment cost. Cancellations made less than
7days will be charged 100% of the rental cost
for all equipment reserved.

LATE FEES: You are expected to pay the final due amount one day prior to
taking delivery of your equipment. Failure to pay in full within a 30 day time
frame from your delivery date shall result in a 15% late fee. This fee is
assessed on the total contract amount including all related delivery fees and
other expenses. For each 30 net days beyond your initial 30 day period, a
compounded 15% rate shall apply for each additional 30 day period. There is no
cap to the amount of compounded late fees that apply to your delinquent

DELIVERY/PICKUP DELAY IMPACT FEES: It is not necessary to be home for
your rental equipment items to be delivered or picked up. If you have a gate
code, pad lock on your side gate, business hours that you may be closed, or
other circumstance that would hinder our ability to deliver or pick your items
up, it is imperative you notify our office staff well in advance. We charge a
fee of $1.00 (One Dollar) per minute for waiting unnecessarily to deliver and
we charge one additional delivery fee per occurrence where we must return to
deliver or pick the items up from your location if such an inconvenience
occurs. If the delay creates a circumstance where the items are needed for
another event and are not made available to that customer due to your lack of
planning, then we will charge you TEN TIMES the rental rate for each
item that is made unavailable.

WILL CALL LATE FEES: You are expected to return all of your rental
equipment on or before the date specified on your contract. Failure to return
all of the items on or before the return date shall result in a 10% fee based
on the total contract amount, and charged for each business day the items are
late until they have been returned in full to our possession.

customers, America's Party Rental assists in loading and unloading rental
equipment on/off your vehicle. You shall hold America's Party Rental harmless
as a result of any damage, however slight, as a result of this courtesy
service. Due to driving and road conditions beyond our control, America's Party
Rental employees are instructed to, under no circumstances, secure, strap or
tie down rental equipment on a customer's vehicle. Any damage to the vehicle or
equipment as a result of poorly secured equipment is the responsibility of the
renter. If under special exception an employee does secure rental equipment on
the vehicle, it remains the renter's responsibility to re-check the security of
the straps, ropes, knots and to drive in a safe manner. Any damage to the
vehicle or equipment as a result of an employee securing rental equipment shall
remain the renter's responsibility.

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.


I have been shown a thorough demonstration on the correct
operation and safety features of each piece of equipment.

I have been given full and ample opportunity to inspect all
rental equipment and find no obvious damage. As a result, misuse or improper
operation of equipment which results in any injury, damage, personal loss or
Death as a result of my or my guests' misuse or negligence is NOT the
responsibility of America's Party Rental.

I understand that negligence on my part or the part of my guests
in regards to operation or use of rental equipment does not constitute
negligence on the part of America's Party Rental and will not hold America's
Party Rental responsible for any injury, damage, personal loss or death as a
result of my or my guests' negligence.

America's Party Rental has not supplied any alcohol for my event
(If Applicable).

I am responsible for the safety, storage, preparation,
cleanliness and correct operation of all rental equipment, accessories and food
items associated with the rental equipment.

I have allowed America's Party Rental to act as my contractor to
set-up, connect, display and begin operation of all rental equipment and will
not hold America's Party Rental responsible for any incorrectness or negligence
as a result. America's Party Rental will set up equipment to "The best of
their ability" and are not and should not be considered experts in the
construction, operation, placement or display of any rental equipment.

The following conditions regarding specific equipment shall be
agreed upon and any action not in strict adherence to the guidelines below
shall result in FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE of each damaged item:

o Dance Floors: Dance floors shall only be placed on a flat, hard surface free
of debris such as gravel, rock, dirt or any other hard substance that may
scratch or otherwise cause abnormal wear on the surface. The dance floor shall
be placed in a location away from water hazards such as pools or sprinklers. If
the threat of rain exists, the dance floor must be completely covered and
secured from any water invasion or completely removed from the area and stored
in a dry location. It is the RENTER'S responsibility to take such action. Any
water damage to the dance floor will result in a full replacement charge for
each damaged panel.

o Tents, Canopies, Umbrellas: All tents, canopies and umbrellas are subject to wind hazards.
It is YOUR responsibility to secure items in windy conditions where a possible threat
of damage may occur. On occasion, canopies and umbrellas are not secured to any
ground weight or stake and may blow over causing damage to the equipment or
injury to a person. Because America's Party Rental cannot be at your location
at all times, YOU are responsible for the liability. Once secured, all tents
and canopies may not be moved or removed from the location in which it was
placed by an employee of America's Party Rental, nor shall you alter or modify
the form in which the equipment was secured. Doing so violates the terms and
conditions of this agreement and any damage or injury as a result shall be your
responsibility. The only exception to this condition is for complete removal
and take-down after an event or in the event of an emergency.

All accessories and additional concessions not considered a
"connected part" of the rented equipment provided by America's Party
Rental have been delivered and released into my possession as new, unopened
packages. I understand that America's Party Rental uses third party
manufacturers and suppliers to provide accessories necessary for the operation
of some rental equipment and that although the America's Party Rental label may
appear on the package; America's Party Rental plays no role in the actual manufacture,
packaging, shipment storage or delivery of the item.

I have had all questions regarding this addendum and entire
rental agreement answered to my satisfaction.

I will clean all items rented, this includes rinsing silverware,
place settings, chairs and tables including removing any staples, tape and gum
from the bottom of the tables. A cleaning / damage fee will apply for any item
returned dirty / damaged of not less than $50 - $150 dollars. Others items that
are damaged may cost more to repair / replace those items include but are not
limited to: Canopies, Tents, Tables, Chairs, dance floors, linens, dishware,
flatware, audio visual equipment, concession equipment, bars, are themed

I will accept full responsibility for any accident, loss, damage,
injury, theft, loss of limb, death or any other conceivable misfortune or
accident that may occur as a result of the use, operation, transport or
ingestion by myself or any of my guests.

America's Party Rental reserves the right to refuse rental and
service to anyone.

It is implied that by receipt of a confirmation email or confirmation by
written, verbal or any other source that you have read and fully understand the
terms and conditions of this agreement. By signing the "America's Party
Rental Invoice/Contract" you are committing and agreeing to all the terms
and conditions of this rental agreement. If no such contract exists or was not
signed, it is implied that your intent, coupled with the publicly and easily
accessibility of this agreement, shall perpetuate and solidify the agreement.
What this means is contract or not, if you took the time to read this or not,
you will be held to these terms both financially and personally if you placed
an order with America's Party Rental.

north highlands
call 916.339.3544
3313 Orange Grove Ave., North Highlands, CA 95660 (Map It!)
showroom hours: monday – thursday, 9am - 5pm, friday 9am – 6pm & saturday 9am - 2pm
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